Monday, 17 May 2010

Joyeux Anniversaire

Yup today is my birthday and I am grateful I am able to add another year to my life and although I am not much of a celebrator, I am still grateful I made it......and so I'll raise a glass to that!

My surprise birthday cake last year......


  1. Theres 32 candles on the cake, are you 32? lol

    I have to add the pic of the cake is very creative, and looks nasty

  2. Theres 32 candles, are you 32? lol

    love the cake, very creative!!

  3. Delicious fruits and nut cakes are posted here.  This cake are my favourite one and my mom this cake on my every birthday yet also. By seeing this article I remember my  birthday which I celebrate with my family only. 


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