Monday, 29 March 2010

Have a Break...Have a Cuppa Cupcake!

I must say I do not have a sweet tooth, but the girls lav em especially my coco (little sis) and friend Ola. The craze about these little lookers have been going on for too long now. Forget birthday & wedding (maybe im going far) cakes just get cupcakes and chuck candles on!
I must say they do look pretty and quite creative in terms of works of art! I'll show ya some of my best ones I've come across so far....

Don't tell me your drooling .....


  1. im drooollinngggg i soo want a cupcake now .. any of the above will do :D x

  2. I have a sweet tooth, if YOU dont there is some wrong lol. Can you see my name etched on the side of the Chanel cake, our names go hand in hand lol.

  3. you guys are a bunch of kids in a candy store...... Ladies the rule was NO DROOLING and you disobeyed....what shall become of a sinner!

  4. Dami, You think you have a sweet tooth..After seeing this post I am in need of an CUPCAKE AFFAIR..All the cakes look awesome..Especially the cupcake first pictured, the pearl cake and the cc cake.
    Infact in Knightsbridge. This is where its at. See the link:
    Defo a must reach!! Its Fab

  5. Might have to visit there for my COCO's bday party next month even though we already found someone to make em, NO HARM RIGHT???
    The vintage tea set cupcake and pearl one is definitely amazing

  6. Dami Khadijah - Runway Script13 May 2010 at 18:03



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