Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Jeremy Scott

Ohhhhhh Jeremy Scott, your current collection has me buzzing!
Here are my best picks from his current collection, I can visualise it right now in my chest of drawers with all my other sweaters, I have even planned the outfits for them already but there's one problem and that is where can I purchase them from.........
I wont lie I am highly disappointed in the availability or even more the accessibility of Jeremy Scott's merchandise in the UK most especially in London, its just not cool Jeremy and we need to talk.....step into the office after the close of business!
On a new note, as I got love for my guys out there too I have uploaded pics of the male collection equivalent to my favs which are just as hot! I got my card out but no card reader to slot it into.......hmmmmm!


  1. Loved this collection, he's definitley one for thinking outside the box.

  2. Dami Khadijah - Runway Script13 May 2010 at 17:33

    I agree he certainly is....sicker than your average.

  3. the last pic on the left is a stunner!!


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