Friday, 28 May 2010

History wanted ANOTHER shot!

A not so new issue of i-D Mag, September 2009 to be precise, but for me it is definitely one of i-D's most fun issues, memorable and copies you must store away for archives because it simply made history, it actually reminds me of that British Vogue's January 1990 shot of the original top and high fashion models which includes Naomi, Cindy, Linda, Christy, Tatjana, front cover shot.....Straight up! As well as the comparison that just sprung to mind I posted this post simply to show the video I came across of behind the scenes of shoot, the creativitty, work and fun that went into it from everyone involved including those who were behind the camera. For those interesting in this Industry or line or work and those who just want to watch just for the fun of it, this goes out to you............................

Photographer: Emma Summerton
Models: Arlenis Sosa, Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn and Sessilee Lopez

I am not playing the race card here believe me but.........Notice how there is only ONE black model on 1990 Vogue cover and ALL the models on the 2009 i-D cover are black......maybe this could possibly be an example or evidence of how far the world has gone in terms of discrimination, or maybe it is just because i-D has always been set apart as being DIFFERENT from the rest. #JustSaying


  1. Dami i loved this blog; it was soo fresh and innovative, you make you mark, let history know your here xx

  2. Great post! I just love the Pretty Young Things cover. Stunning Ladies!!


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