Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Coolest Kid on the Block!

Visual Diary / Photo Blog Entry
'When I was a girl, I regarded him as the coolest kid on the block and now I still think he is....maybe I never grew up!' These pics remind me of when all I knew was to play out, wear checked shorts, watch nickelodeon, play with barbie and sing my heart out......the good old days eh! Check out these real cool pics of my boy Joshua Olomo......


  1. his cool is kind of intimidating. i mean, if i saw him on the street or scooting along on that bike, i would try not to stare a bit. good thing i'm in nashville and not where ever the bell he is. did you take those photos?

  2. Hmmm interesting I cant see why anybody would feel intimidated by him.

  3. Dami Khadijah - Runway Script13 May 2010 at 17:25

    I agree I can not see why anyone would feel intimidated, he is actually one of the sweetest charming n witty guys you could ever meet.

    lol@ at your mum using fire to get you back inside.....guess I wasn't the only one then lol.

    And yes my friend does style himself like this on a normal day, its just NOT for the camera....ill probably be putting up more pics of him on the blog later on in the future, maybe even nxt week. Cheerio

  4. Dami Khadijah - Runway Script13 May 2010 at 17:28

    No actually this picture was taken of my friend Josh by someone else.. I'll be putting my pics up I took soon in the near future.

  5. Did you here that Josh hot busted for stealing?

  6. dude is a thief


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