Friday, 10 July 2009

The Little White Dress (LWD) as oppossed to the LBD!

Here we have Hayden from the Hit series Heros. From that we have seen her grow from not so glamorous into a new born style icon. Her first outfit kept it sexy and simple in a white one- shouldered dress by Andy & Debb, this season new must have white/cream/ivory coloured dress, last summer was coral colours and this season is tailored more for the more cleaner and less clumsy ones of us, as there's nothing worse than having a bottle of strawberry flavoured ribena (one of my favs spilt down the dress.
Here is a perfect number by Fendi accessorized with a couple of other pieces!

Free Spirit by Nysh featuring Dior sunglasses

Other Celebs rocking this trend adding their personal touches in completely different outfits, below is a much more affordable option!

Ripped Denim Dress @ Topshop priced at £50 teamed with ankles boots, that's the hotness right there! Make-up quite pale maybe red lipstick but no other colours as its a classic and simplistic piece, so NO bright colours allowed!

With the LWD, you got to be hurting em with that pair of KILLA hooker heels for a more upbeat event but remember this outfit can be worn very casual also. Heres a couple of options below of what to team it up with, a little inspiration for my cute mama sitas out there! From our very favourite shoe retailers......feed ur eyes and please feel free to purchase as these items are available for immediate purchasing!

Casual leather ankle boot with high wedge heel and short zip fastening. Available In: Black, Grey from Kurt Geiger priced @ £280

Eleanor by KG is a super high sexy court in orange, a slender heel features in contrasting metallic colouring. Classic courts are back in super high styles with key quirky details that add a contemporary feel. Seen on the likes of Kate Moss recently priced @ £130. This is more for the evening, as it more dressy than the first option but it also depends on the individual also, its what you like and feel comfortable I also say it's all about COMFORT!

For the very laid back everyday look, then you can just slip on a pair of buckled boots similar to the ones from Topshop below.
Aztec Studded ankle boot priced @ £75

OK hands up, i have to admit im a lover of blazers and cute jackets you will usually see me in one as I think they add the ever so needed touch that even very casual outfits or even overly sequinned and very busy dress tones it down abit so yes I think its ever so necessary. With this outfit I team with it this simple number from Topshop

Wool Mix Blazer by Boutique priced at @ £95 or even........this very pretty sequinned multi coloured blazer from Topshop.

Trophy blazer priced @ £180, would look amazing with this simple white dress. I will leave the accessories on you! Please if you have any questions leave them in the comment box and I will get back to you as soon as possible, Mwah

So YES stay tuned to this daily/weekly of the hottest frocks and whose wearing what and what's the hottest piece to buy in the shops. Just keeping my ladies look fly and nothing less!

Let me leave you with this food for thought.......
"The difference between style and fashion is quality".......Giorgio Armani.

Till the next........Shalom
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